What the Devil is Going On?

Game Over

The silence is deafening. It has been for the last few years. At what point will common folks at least discuss or accept what has happened to our country since the beginning of covid? Trying to get meaningful explanations of current events is, for all intents and purposes, useless, if you are still using the alphabet channels for your information.  The bias is frightening.  There have been many events that have occurred lately that have…

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How the “Unvaccinated” Got it Right

Authored by Robin Koerner via the Brownstone Institute Scott Adams is the creator of the famous cartoon strip, Dilbert. It is a strip whose brilliance derives from close observation and understanding of human behavior. Some time ago, Scott turned those skills to commenting insightfully and with notable intellectual humility on the politics and culture of our country. Like many other commentators, and based on his own analysis of evidence available to him, he opted to…

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