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Meet the Candidates – Duane Frund

Hello everyone!

I am running for a seat on the school board at Southmoreland. I’m a 2004 graduate of Southmoreland. I am an Elementary Principal in the Albert Gallatin Area School District. I have a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and have 13 years experience in education. For 10 years I was in the classroom as a teacher, also serving as the union rep, and building level technology coordinator. I served as a School Improvement Specialist and eventually dean of students, and currently am a principal. I have two children in the district currently, but I will have five children in the district in five years. I am involved in coaching youth football and wrestling. I am a member of the Red and Black Booster Club, volunteering time and energy to directly benefit student athletes at Southmoreland.

I have lived other places and experienced life outside of our small town, and I ultimately chose to return to the area to give my children a similar upbringing. I feel as though my experience living and working in other states and now returning to Pennsylvania gives me a unique perspective and a broad network of resources.

I have no other motivation to take on this task other than to give our children the best opportunities to succeed. I am ready and willing to have those difficult conversations without theatrics and dramatic flair.

This district has potential to be the best. I feel my experience, training, and everyman personality makes me the ideal candidate for people that also hold that desire and belief. A vote for me is a vote for a man of the people who understands the challenges working families face in their daily lives and believes the district should work for and with families, not against.

I am humbly requesting your support and if elected will devote my energies and expertise to helping this district in their multi-faceted recovery efforts.

Thank you!


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