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Meet the Candidates – Nicole Sherbondy O’Rear

I’m super excited to announce that I am running for a seat on the Southmoreland School Board.

This past year has been tough for ALL of us! Decisions by the board haven’t always been in everyone’s favor, but the board hasn’t EVER had to make these kind decisions either!

My focus for wanting to be a candidate derived from wanting our children back in school! OUR children have literally lost a complete year of education, at least a quality one! OUR children and their education need to be given a better opportunity and more priority! OUR CHILDREN deserve OUR thanks and gratitude! They are the true HEROES of this District!

My vision for wanting to be elected has gone beyond the scope of being, what most would call, a ‘decision maker’. Our District has a lot of policies, and some are just that, policies. One policy in particular, is “Educational Equity”. Which is basically, a provision to provide adequate, fair and an unbiased education to ALL students throughout the school’s. I do believe this policy is implemented to its standard, but not to its full potential. I believe if we, the district, are going to really make an impact with Educational Equity, we must go beyond the scope of just being ‘standard practice’.

If elected, I plan to bring some new ideas that will promote MORE INCLUSION through a better knowledge and comprehension of diversity!


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