Virtual Visit – Miniature Railroad & Village – Carnegie Science Center

Miniature Railroad & VillageA few years ago (before the scamdemic), we had a small section of this website we called ‘Staycations’.  It was simply a photo gallery of interesting things and places in Western Pennsylvania. Everything we included were short ‘daytrips’ around the area. For those folks that are unable to make these short journeys, we posted galleries of photos that would let you enjoy the sites without having to leaves your homes. These same photos might help people ‘preview’ the attractions before making the actual trip to see them.

For your enjoyment, we are providing a virtual visit of the Miniature Model Railroad & Village at the Carnegie Science Center.  This display has been a holiday staple of the Pittsburgh area for over 100 years. (The 100-year anniversary of the village was in 2019).

What makes this display unique is that features hundreds of wonderfully realistic animated scenes that illustrate how people lived, worked, and played in our region before 1940. New models are added annually to the village. (The newest addition is the chapel in Evans City that was used in the filming of the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ movie.)

The photos in the gallery will give you some idea of the size and detail of the display, but it really must be seen in-person to appreciate all the features.

If you haven’t already made the trip to see the display, maybe it’s time to start a new Christmas tradition and plan your trip today!

Miniature Railroad & Village


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