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Flotsam & JetsamWhat exactly IS flotsam?

Well, the definition of flotsam is “the wreckage of a ship or its cargo that has washed up on the shore.”

That’s pretty much what this section of ScottdaleOnline will include. The wreckage of my thoughts about the area that have washed up on the shores of the interweb.

Most people choose to use social media to share their opinions but I choose to use this website.

Facebook, Twitter, and the never-ending list of social apps are great for people that need instant gratification, like to share photos of children that only THEY know, or to find the occasional lost pet. (Actually, Facebook is pretty good for that….but unfortunately, it also exposes the lousy owners that let their pets get out of the house).  I personally find it cumbersome to follow the discussions on social media. I also don’t have to worry about having posts removed or censored for violating some imaginary rule that I simply cannot agree with.

That being said, I’m not silly……I will search Facebook for news and discussion about our town and neighboring communities, but in the end, the discussions more often than not let  me down and wanting a little more.

But hey! Facebook isn’t the only game in town. Sharing thoughts or ideas on the internet isn’t something new.  I did it for years through various websites and message boards long before we had all these fancy smartphones, tablets, and laptops.  I thought this would be a nice exercise to add to my list of hobbies that I never seem to have time for.

Comments will be active if you choose to tell me I’m crazy, wrong, sadly mistaken, or woefully pessimistic, but I expect every now and then people will understand. Oh, by the way, if you do choose to comment, profanity is quite acceptable if you need it to get your point across, but threats….veiled or otherwise won’t be allowed.

Now, let’s see what sort of trouble I can get into………………..


“I can’t explain you would not understand…..”

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